High quality titanium alloy instruments production is the principal aim of our medical production company.

LLC "PMK" started it's work as specialized production company executing government orders for the Russian Ministry of Defense.

We get to the medical equipment industry as result of our titanium alloys usage experience in production and absence of any other Russian producer capable to produce wide range of quality titanium instruments on a par with foreign analogues.

We use the most advance computer assisted machines to guarantee high-accuracy production even of the most delicate microsurgical instruments. We invest in the newest metal working machinery to be able to produce articles that meet the market demands.

Nowadays LLC "PMK" has nationwide reputation for innovations and quality gained for 10 years of strong performance.

Люготип ПМК

LLC "PMK" Pavlovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russian Federation. Project development and production of titanium surgical instruments and devices.

Moscow Office

15 Petrovsky blvd, #1, off. 15, Moscow, 127051

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N.Novgorod Office

3A Berezovskaya Street, #15, Nizhny Novgorod, 603079

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