Project development and design

Project development and design

Our special project development departments work in close collaboration with the production department to produce hundreds of prototypes a year.

Our medical production company is in process of continuing development, we purchase the newest and innovative equipment for metalworking to create perfect, ergonomic instruments and devices for medical purposes.

We develop our own ideas and are for surgeon's ideas and concepts. We created thousands of prototypes for clients throughout Russia, some of them are in the current assortment.

The project development specialists use automated design engineering software to simulate a prototype before create its physical prototype. This stage consumes the considerable amount of time to improve the design.

When the project development is done, the department creates the first working prototype in collaboration with the production department. During the working prototype creation some changes can be implemented into the construction to create a high quality prototype.

Люготип ПМК

LLC "PMK" Pavlovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russian Federation. Project development and production of titanium surgical instruments and devices.

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