Titanium applicability

Originally titanium was produced and used for the military and defense industries. However day by day the metal spreads more and more in other areas.
Titanium and its alloys have found wide application in engineering due to their high mechanical strength which lasts at high temperatures, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strength-to-density ratio, low density and other useful properties.
The aviation industry is the main consumer of titanium products. Particularly the development of aviation technology gave impetus to titanium production. In physical and mechanical properties titanium alloys are a universal engineering material.
Titan helped man overcome the sound barrier in aviation and get into outer space. In rocket and space engineering titanium is practically indispensable.
A promising area of titanium alloys application is deep and super deep drilling. To extract underground resources and to study the deep layers of the earth's crust it is necessary to penetrate to very deep depths - up to 15-20 thousand meters. Conventional drill pipes will be ripped under their own weight at a depth of several thousand meters. And only pipes made of high-strength titanium based alloys are capable to go through really deep wells.
It is resistant to pollution of the urban atmosphere and the marine environment, acid rain, precipitations of volcanic ash, industrial emissions and other adverse weather conditions.
Titanium is not subjected to atmospheric effects and does not lose colour from ultraviolet rays. It also has excellent resistance to corrosion that can be result of acid rain and the effects of corrosive gases (sulfur dioxide gas, hydrogen sulfide gas, etc.). All this is a big advantage to use titanium for construction in large cities and industrial areas.

The reason of the popularity of titanium in sports equipment is its basic properties: lightness and strength.
Approximately 25-30 years ago a bicycle was made from titanium for the first time. Lightweight and durable titanium golf clubs gained popularity among golfers despite their high cost (compared to other materials). Almost all the items that climbers and tourists carry in backpacks are made of titanium: bottles, cups, cooking kits, tableware, tent ribs and mounts, ice axes, ice screws and even compact stoves. Titanium is used on a massive scale in the production of knives for diving, skating blades. Recently production of titanium pistols has started for shooting sports (and for law enforcement agencies).

Titanium is used in the production of jewelry, ballpoint and nib pens, watches, kitchenware and garden gears. Bodies of many laptop computers, mobile phones are made of titanium. It is very expensive but light and durable. Bodies of plasma TVs mounted on the walls are also made of titanium: this reduces their weight and allows to not worry about the firmness of the installation.
Another unusual use of titanium is the bell ringing. Bells made of titanium have an unusual, very beautiful sound. And you can also hear the voice of this metal from the little electric bells.

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